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Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I schedule my installation?

You can schedule your installation at any time, either enter a request online or simply call our 24 hour service line at 1-(800)-417-5000

Who do I call if I have any question or concerns?

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call our 24 hour service line at 1-(800)-417-5000

Will the stair lift fit on my stair case?

Yes. Our stair lifts are specifically built as a custom design in order to fit on any indoor stair case. Long, short, steep or thin our stair lift will fit in with comfort.

How do I schedule my evaluation?

After you have applied for a free estimate, by website, our mobility plus specialist will then respond with a phone call. You may also call us directly to speed up this process. During this phone call you will discuss any questions necessary and then schedule a date and time you are free for the evaluation.  Most evaluations take between 1-3 hours to ensure you are fully educated on the stair lift you will be having installed.

How does the evaluation work?

A day prior to the evaluation appointment you will receive a phone call from your mobility specialist ensuring you are still fully aware of the scheduled time and date of the appointment. The day of the appointment your mobility specialist will arrive at your home with the tools necessary to take measurements and design the custom rail that comfortably fits your stair lift. He will then provide you with a quote and brochure explaining the stair lift that best fits your stair case.

Can I move homes with my stair case?

Yes. Your stair lift can be removed and placed in a new home upon request. Although each rail is custom fit for each stair case the actually lift can be moved and placed on a new rail.

How long will the installation take?

After the installation is scheduled the professional installer will come on the scheduled date and your stair lift will be installed in a days work.

What happens when the power goes out?

All of our mobility plus stair lifts are built to ensure any power outage does not restrict you. Each stair lift design is accompanied by a fully charged back up battery. This way if the power goes out you are still able to make up to 5 cycles on your stair lift.